Yellow Mucus in Nose and Chest – Sinusitis and Bronchitis Symptoms!

Yellow Mucus in Nose

Nasal mucus is incredibly common. Mucus is in the body all the time, and its primary function is to provide protection and lubrication to various parts and processes. Sometimes however, the color can vary and production can increase, and this is often an indication of illness. Most commonly, nasal mucus is related to little more than allergies or rhinitis (a common nasal irritation that can be brought on by environmental toxins, pollutants or inhaling chemical fumes). But sometimes, green or yellow mucus in nose areas can be encountered and they can indicate that the body is fighting off foreign invaders.

Mucus color can be indicative of the illness that the body is fighting, and that can help make treatment planning easier. But, one anomaly that can be concerning is yellow brown mucus. Most often, the brown coloring comes from dried blood in the nostrils. When blowing becomes consistent or aggressive, the inside of the nostrils can become irritated and even bleed from all the rubbing and blowing that is occurring. These small amounts of dried blood can tinge the appearance of yellow mucus in nose areas that already exists, creating an odd color combo.

Sinusitis is one of the most common causes of both coughing up yellow mucus and finding it very apparent in the nasal area. WebMD points out that this yellow mucus can be thick and even smell bad, and that these are hallmarks of the condition. Sinusitis commonly follows a cold as inflammation and irritation leave the tender sinuses swollen and aggravated. The swelling can trap bacteria filled fluid in places where normally only air is present, thus resulting in a sinus infection. The condition’s ability to effectively block normal passages of drainage can also result in yellow mucus in eyes and crusting as well.

Bronchitis is another condition of which yellow mucus is often toted along for the ride. While the causes of bronchitis are many and the disorder can be both acute and chronic, most commonly it is a result of a virus. Yellow mucus in nose and phlegm are both frequently encountered symptoms by bronchitis sufferers. The mucus can get thicker and more pronounced adjacent to the escalation of the infection so, as the sickness gets worse, so then does the resulting mucus. Interestingly enough, one of the simplest ways to spot bronchitis is related to its mucus, although it’s not entirely due to color. When a dry cough that is persistent transitions into one that produces a lot of yellow mucus in nose areas and from the chest, it’s quite possible that mucus is the cause. But, what if the mucus is greenish?

Unfortunately, many people automatically think that antibiotics are needed at the first sign of mucus. However, viral causes are often to blame, and antibiotics simply don’t do anything for a viral infection (except perhaps produce extreme dry mouth which can lead to even more lubricating mucus). When yellow green mucus is present, it can often be attributed to the common cold. And, unfortunately, there is simply no way to treat it. It’s easy to assume that the green color in mucus whether mixed with hues of yellow or not, is from a bacterial source. In actuality, this green color is derived from white blood cells that are busy attacking any foreign invaders the body doesn’t like and that are causing illness. The green in yellow green mucus is really more related to the body’s own small legion of army men than related to a sinister bug.

Yellow mucus in nose areas can quite commonly be a symptom of bronchitis and sinusitis. And, medical treatment is often necessary for both but for different reasons. Although they both may produce yellow mucus in nose areas, Sinusitis is more often than not bacterial in nature. And, it may be a case where antibiotics are genuinely helpful and needed. However, in many cases, bronchitis is caused by a virus, where antibiotics will likely do little besides create unwanted side effects. The common cold of course, responsible for varying hued shades of mucus, must just be allowed to run its course, multicolored mucus and all.