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Coughing up Brown Mucus – Is It a Sign of a Serious Problem?

Coughing up Brown Mucus

Most of the time, throat mucus is nothing to worry about, and it’s actually really handy. It serves as a protective lubricant for the throat which keeps everything moist and supple and prevents dryness that can lead to irritation.

Brown Mucus in Stool – Sign of IBS or Something Else?

Brown Mucus in Stool

Bowel mucus is incredibly common, but most people never see it. It hangs about in the intestines, quietly helping to move along stool in a graceful and gentle manner, serving its primary purpose as a helpful lubricant.

Brown Cervical Mucus Causes – Hormones, Infection or Intercourse?

Brown Cervical Mucus

Cervical mucus is not something that most women care to talk about, whether with their health care providers or anyone else for that matter. It can be an embarrassing and even gross topic, and that’s when it’s normal. When it changes, it can sometimes be alarming.

Bloody Mucus in Nose – High Blood Pressure, Infection or Cancer?

Bloody Mucus in Nose

Nasal mucus is incredibly important. It keeps the sinus cavity lubricated and moisturized which can prevent drying out. And, it also serves as an important tool to help flush away bacteria and dirt which can help prevent illness. But, sometimes nasal mucus can be a nuisance.

Coughing up Blood Causes – When Is It Time To Worry?

Coughing up Blood

Coughing up blood can be indicative of numerous health conditions. And, it can be a sign of some very serious diseases and illnesses. But, it can also be relatively normal in some cases, oddly enough.

Bloody Mucus in Stool – Is Something Wrong with My Bowels?

Bloody Mucus in Stool

Bowel mucus is downright gross. Most of the time, it is completely unseen and never makes it out the back end. Sometimes however, it is visible, and can be rather alarming. Under most circumstances, there is nothing to fear from clear mucus in stool or that which is whitish, so long as no other symptoms are present.

Black Cervical Mucus – Very Rare Event But It Happens!

Black Cervical Mucus

Cervical mucus, as gross as it can be, is an incredibly important part of vaginal health. Its main function is to serve as a swiffer flushing away bacteria and other nasties that can infect the vagina – the gateway to the sensitive reproductive organs.

Yellow Mucus in Stool Causes – Pancreas, Gallbladder or Nothing To Worry?

Yellow Mucus in Stool

Bowel mucus can be disgusting and unpleasant, but it’s actually good for your body. It’s not uncommon in fact to see traces of clear, white and yellow mucus in stool. The intestines use this jelly like goo to act as a lubricant, which can make moving things along the digestive tract much smoother.

White Mucus in Stool Causes – Parasites or IBS?

White Mucus in Stool

Seeing white mucus in stool remains can be rather startling. After all, feces do tend to come with some characteristic coloration, and white tinges simply aren’t often one of them. There are some common and uncommon causes of white mucus