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Brown Mucus Plug – Bloody Show or Yeast Infection?

Brown Mucus Plug

One less often discussed part of the labor and delivery progression is the mucus plug. The breaking of the water is commonly associated with the onset of baby time, but the passing of the mucus plug is one of the hallmark symbols of the start of the delivery process.

Brown Cervical Mucus Causes – Hormones, Infection or Intercourse?

Brown Cervical Mucus

Cervical mucus is not something that most women care to talk about, whether with their health care providers or anyone else for that matter. It can be an embarrassing and even gross topic, and that’s when it’s normal. When it changes, it can sometimes be alarming.

Brown Mucus from Nose – Dry Blood or Bacteria?

Brown Mucus from Nose

Nasal mucus may be gross, but it’s actually incredibly important to the health of sinus tissues and those found in the nose and the mouth,