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Clear Mucus Plug But No Bloody Show – When To Expect Labor?

Clear Mucus Plug

The passing of the mucus plug is one indicator of impending pregnancy. Essentially, the plug acts as a barrier to the uterus, protecting it and the baby inside from bacteria and other irritants from outside.

Brown Mucus Plug – Bloody Show or Yeast Infection?

Brown Mucus Plug

One less often discussed part of the labor and delivery progression is the mucus plug. The breaking of the water is commonly associated with the onset of baby time, but the passing of the mucus plug is one of the hallmark symbols of the start of the delivery process.

Blood in Cervical Mucus in Pregnancy – Should I Worry?

Blood in Cervical Mucus

Pregnancy can be a challenging time. The body goes through some (literally) enormous changes, and that can be scary, especially when things happen that may seem like they’re abnormal. Because of the physical and hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy,

Bloody Mucus Plug But No Braxton Hicks – When To Expect Labor?

Bloody Mucus Plug

Many people want to know exactly what day and time their baby is going to be born. It’s just human nature to want to know when the new bundle of joy is going to arrive. Some women try to use signs that the body provides in order to predict when labor begins.