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Blood in Cervical Mucus in Pregnancy – Should I Worry?

Blood in Cervical Mucus

Pregnancy can be a challenging time. The body goes through some (literally) enormous changes, and that can be scary, especially when things happen that may seem like they’re abnormal. Because of the physical and hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy,

Black Mucus in Nose Causes – What Could Be a Reason?

Black Mucus in Nose

Nasal mucus is incredibly useful stuff! It serves as a barrier, keeping dirt and germs away from the sensitive respiratory system, and during times of illness, it can also help to flush invaders out of the body.

Black Cervical Mucus – Very Rare Event But It Happens!

Black Cervical Mucus

Cervical mucus, as gross as it can be, is an incredibly important part of vaginal health. Its main function is to serve as a swiffer flushing away bacteria and other nasties that can infect the vagina – the gateway to the sensitive reproductive organs.