Clear Cervical Mucus and Fertility Connection

Clear Cervical Mucus

Cervical mucus is essentially the gooey substance produced in the cervix, the passageway between the uterus and the vagina. While the very thought of mucus is enough to gross most people out, it serves several very important functions. It provides incredible protection for the reproductive organs, serving as a means to flush gunk and bacteria from the vaginal area. points out that it also can act as a clear mucus plug, closing up the canal of the cervix. Interestingly enough, one of the most dominant uses for cervical mucus can actually be fertility prediction.

Clear cervical mucus is the most common form of vaginal discharge. But, hormonal changes within the body can cause changes to the clear mucus discharge. And, these can be indicative of when a body is most fertile and ripe for reproduction. For instance, during times of ultra high fertility, clear mucus discharge can become more thin and watery, super wet and slippery, and extra abundant. This is also the phase where egg white cervical mucus can become most apparent. During this time period, points out that the felt sensation can be one of slippery lubrication if a finger test is performed.

During days when fertility is present, but not excessively high, clear cervical mucus gives way to white colored vaginal Vaseline, with a thicker and even elastic type consistency. Stretching of this mucus yields easy breakage, and the finger test produces a sticky and moist sensation. The sticky sensation persists in the non fertile phase following ovulation. During this period, mucus color can shift to an off white or cream, although white is most common. The mucus is often very thick, and unlike periods of excessive clear cervical mucus, the produced amount in the post ovulatory phase can be markedly less. The phase following ovulation can produce no cervical mucus at all, with a dry sensation resulting from a finger test.

Aside from hormones producing changes to cervical mucus, so can infection. One of the most common is a yeast infection. This is characterized my excessive itchiness in the vaginal area, but big changes occur within the produced mucus is well. Normally clear cervical mucus gives way to very thick, cottage cheese like mucus that may have a foul odor. The changes in mucus during a yeast infection are not related to fertility or ovulation phases at all.

Many people dislike the thought of examining their own clear cervical mucus. It may seem embarrassing or gross. However, it’s an incredibly easy way to help identify times of fertility, which can aid in conception. Or, it can also be useful to avoid pregnancy by abstaining from intercourse during times where fertility is very evidently in full swing. points out that sometimes, semen and clear cervical mucus can look similarly, so it’s important to self check and finger test prior to intercourse. And, like it or not, just feeling or seeing clear cervical mucus is not always enough to gauge what part of the fertility cycle it’s related to. It needs to be stretched and pulled to determine its consistency, texture and pliability. For instance, Barbara J. B. Clark is quoted on as indicating that the mucus from cervical areas that is most likely associated with times of high fertility will be similar to a raw egg white. Not only does this refer to its color, perhaps a white streaked clear concoction, but also its texture. Clear cervical mucus on these days can often stretch for a couple of inches before breaking. How can the stretchability of cervical mucus be determined? By getting the hands dirty of course. There isn’t any vaginal goo stretchometer available at the pharmacy, and determining this characteristic can only be achieved by playing with it yourself.

Clear mucus itself is an indicator of sorts at the current phase of the ovulation cycle. However, even more than color, the quantity, texture, thickness and pliability are also important. For those that are looking to prevent pregnancy, as well as those that are trying to pick the perfect days for intercourse to maximize the chances of conception, there are few tried and true methods as simple and accurate as examining cervical mucus. While it’s not the most glamorous home care method, it’s a completely cost free and convenient way to determine fertility.