Articles About Black Mucus

Black Mucus in Stool in Babies vs Adults

Black Mucus in Stool

Bowel mucus is a very important part of good digestive health. It serves as the engine oil of sorts to the motor of the gastrointestinal tract providing much needed lubrication, as well as a means to help trap and flush out outside invaders like bacteria.

Coughing up Black Mucus Reasons in Smokers and Non Smokers

Coughing up Black Mucus

Throat mucus is normally a very good thing. It keeps the area moist and supple and prevents dryness, irritation and inflammation. It can serve as a means to carry along with it irritants and germs.

Black Mucus in Nose Causes – What Could Be a Reason?

Black Mucus in Nose

Nasal mucus is incredibly useful stuff! It serves as a barrier, keeping dirt and germs away from the sensitive respiratory system, and during times of illness, it can also help to flush invaders out of the body.

Black Specks in Mucus – What Are They?

Black Specks in Mucus

Finding black specks in mucus remains can be alarming, especially since most throat mucus is clear in color. While gross and often inconvenient, throat mucus plays a very important role in keeping the body healthy.

Black Cervical Mucus – Very Rare Event But It Happens!

Black Cervical Mucus

Cervical mucus, as gross as it can be, is an incredibly important part of vaginal health. Its main function is to serve as a swiffer flushing away bacteria and other nasties that can infect the vagina – the gateway to the sensitive reproductive organs.